The Kellers Go East

The Sound of Silence

Six down, three more to go. Air purifiers, that’s what I am talking about. Continue reading “The Sound of Silence”


A Visit to Crab Island

Fortunately we were blessed with great weather last Sunday and decided to finally head over to Crab Island, Continue reading “A Visit to Crab Island”

Bad Mom

Bad Mom, yes, that would be me. Guilty as charged. And you know what? I really don’t care and I will definitely not hide my Bad Mom side anymore in order to deflect a ruckus. Continue reading “Bad Mom”

Darkest Shade of Orange Ever

After observing this disaster for nearly a month now, I really can’t help myself and do need to write yet once another smog update. In my previous post, I raved about the wonderful air quality we had during winter, but also asked myself at what cost this came. Continue reading “Darkest Shade of Orange Ever”

The Cost of Beijing’s Blue Sky

When Beijing is mentioned in the international news, then often in conjunction with heavy pollution and horrible air.  Continue reading “The Cost of Beijing’s Blue Sky”

First World Problems

It has been a loooooong time since I have last posted something on here and I am sorry for being MIA. I’ve received the one or other message to update this blog already and I Continue reading “First World Problems”

Agent Babylon

For those of you, who have not yet had the pleasure of indulging in any one of the books of the Babylon series, I can highly recommend it Continue reading “Agent Babylon”

Utility Chaos

For those of you who hate opening your letter box after a long day at work and finding only bills in there – count yourself lucky. Continue reading “Utility Chaos”

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side…

…and when you live in China, it definitely is greener!  Continue reading “The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side…”

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