20 apartments and houses later and we are still in search of our new home. This is harder than we thought and also quite frustrating and tiring. While being able to rent a small mansion back home with the given housing allowance, it doesn’t seem to get us far here. Mouldy fridges, slimy and filthy bathrooms and leaky ceilings are just the beginning. We were told the first day was the worst – the agent showing you crappy places and places that she has been stuck with for ages. (We now know why she has been stuck with them) However, we are on our fourth day and are still waiting for a breakthrough.

Here are a few of our “highlights”:

Great kitchen layout….oh wait, it’s actually blocking the entrance to the dining room. Perhaps it can function as a breakfast bar instead? 

Our potential new furry friend? 

This is one of the “cleaner” bathrooms we saw. I doubt they’d be able to clean it up even with a bucket of bleach.  A revamp sounds about right.  

An amazing place with a rather crappy master bathroom. It’s designed for dwarfs, with the sink barely reaching our hip, and you’re not able to stand in front of the sink but have to stand beside it.

Two and a half more days ahead of us and I’m dying to know if we will actually manage to find a new place or if we will have to start searching again in November once we have moved (seems to be a “standard practice” by what we have heard from Stephan’s colleagues…)