Exhausted, relieved, pensive, excited, stressed, emotional and the list goes on and on and on.Amazed. I forgot amazed. Amazed at the fact that we have so much stuff to fill 126 boxes. Holy crap!

Day Two of packing has finally ended and all we are able to do is lie in bed in our temporary accommodation and veg out. Too tired to talk, too tired to verbalized our thoughts and too tired to take a sneak peak at our to-do list, which by the way still has a fair amount of tasks.

“Day Two” makes this whole thing sound easy peasy. What is not taken into account is the arrangement and planning of the air and sea freight. What no one knows is how often you’ve knelt in front of the same air freight box, weeks before the movers are scheduled to come, packing and repacking it as your priority of what you “need” in the first weeks keep changing. (Coffee machine vs. summer clothes in case you do go on vacation, gym and winter clothes vs. cooking utensils etc.) What no one sees are the many trips down to the embassy, to the visa service company and the local authorities as well as the extreme waiting times at each one of these institutions. The random thoughts at 3 a.m. when you remember there was just another insurance you have to cancel or put on hold for your time abroad. The last routine medical checks to be done. The frenzy of selling the car and our cupboards as there are built-in wardrobes in Chinese apartments and the worry of finding a good and reliable tenant for our apartment, which we decided to sublet in order to spare us the trouble of looking for a new one from China once the time has come to move back home. The many farewells you go through a couple of weeks before departure as your mates are all over the country. Oh, and not to forget going down on all fours to clean the apartment once all the boxes have been picked up. After two days of having a swarm of movers around you waiting for your input and taking down your entire apartment, cleaning is the icing on the cake!

It does, however, also feel good to know  that the many lists you’ve made facilitated the move and helped be prepared for the chaos that unleashes itself once the movers arrive. It’s a relief to know that the team you’ve been sent took every precaution to avoid our container being delayed and stuck at customs. And it feels amazing that the biggest part and stress that you’ve been building up the last few weeks is over. All the other to-dos now seem like a walk in the park (and who the hell likes going to yet another authority and talking to oh-so friendly customer service hotlines of various utility companies?!)

Here are a few impressions of the last two days:
The packing material strewn all around the landing and blocking the entrance to the other apartments …oops! (I’m quite sure the neighbors are glad we have left.)

Boxes galore 

Work in progress 

The arrival of the smaller interim container as the company responsible for clearing a parking and loading area for a 40ft container in our street messed up. Hence everything got loaded into the small container, driven to the warehouse to be reloaded into the big container.  Am I the only one who thinks this bad-boy is huge?

The loading begins and it felt a little bit like Tetris  

Our amazing movers, or supermen as I like to call them

The moment they shut the container door and the “click” reverberated in my head and made me realize “This is it!”

And then there was none…

Not to forget the moment you sit down for your final “meal” in your old place and realize you have no fork to eat your potato salad