[noun, Vor·freu·de \ˈfoːa̯fʀɔɪ̯də/]– joyful anticipation of an upcoming event

I am excited, ecstatic even and today will have to be one of the best days I have yet experienced here in China. This morning I checked my emails and found the magic words “Your container is ready to be delivered.”Had Stephan been home at that time, I’m sure we would have screeched gleefully and waltzed through our apartment. Instead, I grabbed my mug and tried to wash down the excitement that was building up with a sip of coffee.
Many of you might be surprised that this one sentence catapulted me into Happy Land for the rest of the day. What most of you don’t know is that we have been living in an empty and semi-heated apartment for nearly a week now. I guess this was another way to test our patience after all the crap we have been through in terms of housing.

Two months ago we negotiated and fought like gladiators with our then future landlord for him to accept our budget (and trust me, no-one back home would pay this ridiculous amount of money for a mere apartment) and have the place touched up and painted (think extremely grubby floors and “white” walls that bore resemblance to Jackson Pollock’s works). Two days before Moving Day we happened to call the freight forwarder on another issue and then got the bad news that our container is stuck in customs until further notice. Great. It literally felt like our opponent had just turned round to deliver the final blow, just when we were so close to winning. We managed to arrange temporary accommodation with a friend for a night and then in the remaining time we had before “moving” also managed to borrow a mattress and bedding. With no other furniture at our disposal and only two cups, glasses, bowls, plates and sets of cutlery we spent the last few days sitting and dining on the floor. A floor that is entire marble and whose floor-heating doesn’t work. When you think your precious behind is too big, try sitting on the floor for hours at a stretch. Suddenly you can’t have enough insulation and cushioning…

IMG_4689This is me every morning trying to find  a warm spot somewhere on the floor.

IMG_4685Our make-do bedroom. As our floor had just been oiled, we needed sheets to protect the mattress. And no, the candle was not there for any hanky-panky romantic purpose, we just did not have any lights.

This all will hopefully come to an end in a few hours, when I will open the door tomorrow morning to greet the good guys bringing us our 126 boxes, which then need to be unpacked…unless we get a phone call instead saying the vehicle with our stuff just broke down or got into an accident.