…and when you live in China, it definitely is greener! 

We had heard about grass being spray painted in China, which always left us baffled. Even when we watched videos online about this taking place we were still stunned and so were our friends.

Why in the world would someone deliberately spread chemicals and paint into the air just to make something look nice? But on the other hand: how does Beijing, a city suffering severely under a water shortage which is estimated to be worse than in the Middle East, manage to have so much green grassy area?
Tada….*drum roll*…spray painting the grass, of course! So for everyone who has heard about this “myth” and still can’t really believe it, watch this video we took just a few moments ago. You might not be able to see too clearly as they were obviously doing touch up work, but if you concentrate on the guy on the right and look at the parts of the floor he has accidentally sprayed, you will see they are not watering the grass…unless water now comes in light green color.