The Kellers Go East

The Accidental Vegetarian

For someone who strongly believes that meat, already cut and packaged nicely, grows on trees, it was an awakening to walk through a Chinese supermarket/market. Continue reading “The Accidental Vegetarian”


Back On The Road Again

To drive, or not to drive. That was a question predominantly on my mind the past weeks and the process of answering that one question revealed the true definition of “fickle-minded”. Continue reading “Back On The Road Again”


I confess – the first thing I googled about Beijing while we were still in the application process for China (it wasn’t even sure if the relocation would be granted or not) was not apartments, Continue reading “Inhale…Exhale…Stressed!!!”

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We have been here nearly a month and I’ve not updated this blog yet. Not because I don’t have the time (trust me, this is a resource now available to me in abundance) Continue reading “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

Our Life in 126 Boxes

Exhausted, relieved, pensive, excited, stressed, emotional and the list goes on and on and on. Continue reading “Our Life in 126 Boxes”


[adj. bit·ter·sweet \ˈbi-tər-ˌswēt\] – pleasant but including or marked by elements of sadness or regret

So, the moving company came over today for the first check and inspection and it then hit me – we are left with exactly 35 more days in Munich. Continue reading “Bittersweet”

Show Me More…Of the Good Stuff, Please! 

20 apartments and houses later and we are still in search of our new home. This is harder than we thought and also quite frustrating and tiring. Continue reading “Show Me More…Of the Good Stuff, Please! “

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